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All-natural, chemical & pesticide-free,
Arizona-grown edible transplants!

About Vilardi Gardens

Vilardi Gardens produces the highest quality heirloom tomato, vegetable and herb plants suitable for the Maricopa County climate.

We are a wholesale-only propagator, specializing in all-natural heirloom edible crops suitable for Maricopa County, serving local farmers, local nurseries and Farmers Markets through our Vendor network.

Growing Capparis Spinosa

Growing Warm Season Edibles presentation

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Find our plants on Saturdays at Roadrunner Farmers Market, on Wednesdays at Uptown Farmers Market, or shop at any of the three SummerWinds Nursery locations in Phoenix. Our plants are seasonally available at Berridge Nurseries. In the Tucson area, please shop Spadefoot Nursery and EcoGro Nursery.

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